In recent years, skincare brands have been more inclusive than ever – gender or skin colour is already out of the conversation because at the end of each day – skin is skin. And whoever says otherwise and insists that skincare is only for women, he is straight up sexist and did I mention, beyond ignorant?


When we talk about body nourishment, it does not discriminate. We all equally need food, water, rest, and a little bit of pampering. Same goes with the skin; your skin and mine equally need moisture and care whether you are a he or a she. And when we talk about skincare these days, it already goes beyond the superficial and aesthetics of the self. Skincare is about feeling good more than looking good and wellness over beauty.

So fret not, because gentlemen, I have curated a simple skincare routine that is convenient to your lifestyles, effective for the skin, and guess what? A routine that breaks toxic masculinity once and for all!

  1. CLEANSER – The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser

Men are usually oilier than women. Thus, a good cleanser that takes out all the dirt is very important because the first step to good skin is through cleansing. This cleanser of The Ordinary, free from soap which usually causes skin irritation and unlike ordinary soap, this does not strip the natural oils of the face or as what they say the “good oils.” Yes, it takes out the grime, but it keeps skin soft and supple, not squeaky and too tight! This is suitable for all skin types and hydrates well through the help of Sqaulane. Squalane is an ingredient that helps fight moisture loss, while keeping skin smooth, supple and radiant. To add to that, this cleanser is simple and allows skin to regain its elasticity. This step is recommended to be done day and night.

2. TONER – The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Though toning is not a must, I highly recommend men to use this Glycolic Acid toner of The Ordinary because this will also act as a gentle exfoliator for the skin. Gently exfoliating skin will reveal radiance, improve uneven skin tone, and improve overall texture. But since this is a type of acid, we recommend that you only use this at night.

  1. SERUM – The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA

Using a serum is probably the most needed in every skincare routine. Besides the fact that every serum has its own benefits, serums are highly concentrated and very potent. To the skin This lactic acid serum of The Ordinary is a mild exfoliator that is only used at night. This can help improve the appearance of spots, brighten dark areas, and take out the deep-seated dirt inside the pores.


4. MOISTURIZER – Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

The claim to fame of this product is that this is a 3-in-1 lotion that restores skin’s moistures, cures dryness and patchy areas of the face, and protects skin from other environmental stressors. This is raved by many skincare gurus because it is lightweight and easily absorbed. Most men hate the sticky feeling of most moisturizers. Thankfully, this one does not have that! This keeps skin soothed and hydrated all day long. Aside from that, this can be used as an after-shave. Use this after toning and the morning and after applying your serum at night.

  1. SUNSCREEN – Hello Sunny Essence Sun Stick SPF 50+ Moist

Men are mostly active and they are usually active under the sun. Though we love the warmth of the sun, its rays are very harmful to the skin. Aside from skin aging, UVA and UVB rays cause various skin diseases. So this Hello Sunny Essence Sun Stick Moist comes handy for you. Besides the fact that sunscreen on a stick is easy to use, this also gives broad sun protection with SPF 50, while keeping skin hydrated at the same time.

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